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The Why

How I Fell In Love With DIY Manis

Real talk: I'm the girl who's often smudged a nail or two before even leaving the salon (*face palm).I work with my hands & if there's anything worse than no manicure- it's a chipped, scratched manicure.I'm also sensitive to odours & chemicals in treatments like shellac & uncomfortable with some tools & techniques used in salons.So, what's a girl to do? Well, I used to live in the land of sheer pink & nude manicures, and while I still love me a nice nude (hello, *Color Street Giza Sands ), since discovering dry nail polish, my nail polish color options have exploded.There's no dry time, which suits my on-the-go style, no aggressive tools or heat & somehow it stands up to my rough-and-tumble work style.Add to nails seem to love it as much as I do.

The What

Dry Nail Polish Explained

If you're like me & think of a bottle with a brush when you think of nail polish, or...maybe powder dips- the words "dry nail polish" may be hard to wrap your head around.
So what is it, anyway?
Dry nail polish is Color Street's proprietary method of formatting nail polish in a strip consisting of a base, colour & top coat that comes out of the package 95% dry.Once applied to your nail, it fully dries and cures to the nail - genius!Some of the benefits are:

  • No dry time or smudging

  • Light, portable & easy to apply almost anywhere. Once your nails are filed/shaped, everything you need comes in the pack

  • Easy to apply without heat, tools or any harsh processes to your nails

  • 100% nail polish, comes off with non-acetone nail polish remover

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The How

At Home Manicure Tips

I fell in love with Color Street dry nail polish because it's given me a way to have great looking nails all the time without weekly trips to the salon - which can get expensive & time-consuming.But - whether you want to explore the world of dry nail polish strips or not, a bit of effort prepping your nails pays dividends in a nice outcome for any DIY manicure at home!

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Here's some tips for better results with your DIY mani:

  • Cuticle care: get a cuticle remover gel & a rubber tipped cuticle pusher (my favourite), or a wooden "orange stick". Follow the instructions on the cuticle remover, and gently push back your cuticles, being careful not to push down into the nail bed as this will cause ridges & damage.

  • Filing & shaping: a good nail file like a diamond or glass one is helpful, but even an emery board works. If your nails are quite long & you want to shorten them or even them up, nail clippers are also handy.

  • Buffing: I find buffer blocks are the easiest to use, and I like to use a light hand with them since over-manicuring your nails can lead to problems, but a few light sweeps helps even out any ridges

  • (Optional)- A nice non-greasy hand cream will help keep your skin moisturized since when you draw attention to your also draw attention to your hands! Just make sure if you moisturize while prepping your nails for polish to wipe your nails off with alcohol so there's no oily residue on your nails when you go to polish them.

  • To sum it up, my go-to DIY manicure kit includes: a good nail file, rubber-tipped cuticle pusher (which has a fork-like tip on one end, perfect for trimming away hang-nails etc.), nail clippers, cuticle remover gel, nail buffer blocks & hand cream. In between manis I also use a cuticle conditioning balm.

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This little "work in progress" site is the beginning of what I hope to be a fun way to connect with folks in Canada & the US who love having nice nails, and most importantly, having fun.With Color Street brand new to Canada, there's SO much in store & I can't wait to share, but my hope is that even if dry nail polish isn't for you, there's value & helpful tips for you here & on my socials.We're just getting started, so be sure to hop onto my email list to stay in the loop as Marvelous Mrs. Mani ramps up!Meanwhile, here's a few ways you can have fun with Color Street dry nail polish strips:

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  • Become a Color Street Stylist yourself. When I'm not obsessing over gorgeous DIY manis, I'm a fempreneur & biz babe who's worked with small indie fashion businesses in Canada & the US for 2+ decades. I adore this product, but I'm also passionate about mentoring people to live their best lives doing what they love.

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